this is the damiana plant, Turnera diffusa. it is said to reduce anxiety when smoked or made into tea!

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Iceland (by bsmethers)

Iceland 2013 126 (by lesterland79)

Gullfoss (by Kuayjeng)

Gullfoss, South Iceland (by Coldpix)

Portrait of waves, constructed from maps of the sea

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Perfect Adventures (USA) by tobyharriman || Website || Tumblr

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Anonymous How was your Valentines day

it was actually pretty hilarious, i think i need a few awards for that. i had work, then i was really hungry after diving and bought myself some ice cream and chocolate for the drive home. then i got home and fell asleep, and ordered pizza and fell asleep again, then my pizzza arrived and i fell asleep again! then i ate my pizza and yep, you guessed it: i fell asleep. then my friend called me to hang out but i was too tired to go to some party so guess what! i went back to sleep!

Iceland: Rainbow Volcano (by vicmontol)

Iceland: Svartifoss Cascade (by vicmontol)

Iceland (by vulture labs)